By Miss Elliot
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(Note: I am only listing movies that I would recommend, not every movie I’ve ever seen. If there is any questionable content, I will give a warning.)


The Sound of Music (1965)

Johnny Tremain (1957)

Amazing Grace (2006) There is some mature content in this one, since it’s about slavery in the late 1700’s-early 1800’s)

Pollyanna (1960)

Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952)

The Great Locomotive Chase (1956)

Follow Me, Boys (1966) (my review of this here)

The Secret Garden (1975) (sorry, there is no trailer in the world for this)

Davy Crockett (1955) (but this is the only one worth watching. The sequels are awful!!)

Mary Poppins (1964)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

Ben Hur (1956)

Anne of Green Gables (1985)

Anne of Avonlea (1987) (for some reason they’re calling it “The Sequel”)

Little Women (1949)

Little Women (1994) (this one’s a little too modern for our taste, but it’s cute)

Chariots of Fire (1981) (there is a scene in this one that you might want to skip. As soon as Harold and Sib come into the resturant, just skip to the next scene)

Black Beauty (1994)

My Fair Lady (1964)

The Man From Snowy River (1982) (whatever you do DON’T watch Return to Snowy River. It’s as bad as they get)

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) (the only trailer I could find is in black and white, but we saw it first in color)

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


Jane Austen:

Pride and Prejucice (1995)

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Emma (1997)

Persuasion (1971)

Persuasion (1995)

Persuasion (2007) (this one is my favorite)