by Miss Elliot

(see, off they’re going to church! Same number of girls as in our family)



I do not have very long today, because I have to get ready for church. But in the meantime, we had a very good Independance Day. We ate dinner with some good friends and, of course, stayed up until midnight, partly watching firecrackers and so on. It was wonderful!!! This morning everyone was not in the best of humors, but we have got over our exhaustion and I am looking forward to the patriotic service at our church. Mr. Buni is playing in the orchestra and we’re looking forward to that too!

I will try to find time to work on my The Little White Horse book review, and to post my movie story~ the inspiration for which, I am rather embarassed to admit, came from a Downton Abbey behind-the-scenes book that I was flipping through at Barnes & Noble…

Anyway, to “tide you up”, as we say in our house, here is a poem I wrote for school a few months ago.

The Goose                  by Rachel

The goose is quite a silly bird,

He flies o’er field and tree,

He wanders into yards, I’ve heard,

And always honks at me.


His neck is stretched out high, you know,

Which shows he has his pride,

He hisses loud and long, for show,

And spreads his wings out high.


Oh, let us not be like the goose,

With our necks stretched in pride,

For then, indeed, the hungry noose

Is swifter to decide.