By Leah
I have 6 Red Pullet Chickens. One has laid 4 eggs so far.The eggs are Reddish Brown, gathered not 2 seconds after being laid. Facts: Red Pullets are small and their eggs are small. Chickens do not have stomachs. Food goes directly to a little pouch beneath their neck called a CROP that bulges after they have eaten. The skin on top of their heads can be called a crest or a comb and the skin under their chin can be called gobbles or wattles. Chickens do something called DUSTING where they scratch and fling dirt up under their feathers to cool off and kill any bugs that are under their feathers. They do this quite often. Chickens cannot stand much heat and can die from it. So they must be given lots of water. They do not sweat so they spread their wings and pant when they are very hot.

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