by Miss Elliot



I’m sorry I’ve been writing such short posts, but I’ve been quite busy. Doing what? you might ask. Well, since you ask…

I’ve been writing a guest post on Mozart for Mr. Buni’s blog (he hasn’t posted it yet).

I’ve been watching My Fair Lady with my five siblings.

I’ve been giggling foolishly all Friday evening over this blog’s first follower (and I still can’t believe it. Welcome Miss Evie!!!).

And today was a bridal shower – the first ever in my life.

My aunt is getting married and today, yes, today, was her bridal shower. So my mom, my sister, my grandma, and another aunt all piled into my grandma’s car and off we went. It was amazing – we had a wonderful time, we danced every dance (and Mary none)…

Ahem. Well, there wasn’t dancing, but there was really good food and laughter and tears and general celebration.

So, we had a good time.

One thing more: just for curiosity’s sake, is anybody who reads this blog (there are four people that I know) going to the festival of high-waisted dresses (otherwise known as the Jane Austen Festival 2014) at Locust Grove in Louisville? Let me know in the comments! I’d be so glad to meet you!