By Leah

We feed our chickens two feeds mixed together. Cracked corn and the DUMOR LAYER feed. Our chickens will eat apple cores, orange sections, (I wouldn’t give them the peels) watermelon rinds, weeds, and salad greens. When hens start to lay eggs they need a lot of calcium in their diet to keep their egg shells thick and strong. Our hens love to run free in our backyard eating all the bugs and weeds. They also like to eat dog food (Which is fine with me but not with the dogs) so they get mad when I tell them No.

One of my rabbits lives with the chickens. He sleeps with them at night and in the daytime when he goes into his cage to eat grass, the chickens will go and sit outside the cage, and you can just imagine them talking to each-other.

Chickens will start to lay eggs when they are 6 months old. One of our chickens has laid over 10 reddish-brown eggs already. She normally lays them around 7:30 in the morning. Hay is the best and most comfortable bedding and nesting material for a hen.

I enjoy and love my chickens because if I am kind to them (and if I talk to them) they will let me pick them up and follow me around.

Thanks for checking out the BLOG. Enjoy the pictures.:)