by Miss Elliot


Well, July the 14th happens to be…


Abigail’s birthday, to be exact. She’s nine years old!

Nine. Years. Old.

pictures2014 359

pictures2014 369

(This is cousin Caroline, who shares Abigail’s birthday and who happened to be in town. She’s five years old now!)

pictures2014 371

(Pictures from the party at Grandma’s…)

pictures2014 395

pictures2014 421

(…my favorite picture of all~ the grown-ups…)

pictures2014 370

(…my youngest sister Ruthie looking a little overwhelmed by all the hoo-ra…)

pictures2014 411

(…and our two-year-old cousin Joshua.)

Pictures of the party at home:

pictures2014 427

The birthday girl, pretty in pink…

pictures2014 434

pictures2014 431

pictures2014 443

…opening presents (that’s me, by the way, in the green dress)…

pictures2014 458

…the birthday cloak.

So yeah. Let them eat cake.