By Leah (or Miss Bennet)
Okay we all know that chickens lay eggs, right. (Lets just hope they don’t lay anything else:) All of my chickens are laying except one. She still hasn’t got the idea. I get 5 eggs every morning around 7:00-7:30. Who doesn’t like eggs? Miss Elliot to tell the truth. She prefers them poached if she has one. My sister does not look forward to eggs. I on the other hand, DO. I love them any way they are cooked. I like them best over medium cooked in butter, mmmm……….. the very thought makes me hungry.

eggs4me001 001

The chickens do have a few enemies. THE CAT. She is actually more scared of them then she is mad. We call our cat kitty, but her official name is Patch. We rescued her about 5 years ago from a storm. She will be sweet sometimes and then again not so sweet.

eggs4me001 002

A bit about Miss Bennet: There are lots of ”Miss Bennets” but I think of myself as Lizzy. (The only one with any sense) Yeah haha. I am second eldest and prefer not to be indoors. So I shall refer to myself from now as Miss Bennet.