By Miss Bennet

You are going to LOVE these pictures!

eggs4me002 023

Here finally is the cat. Green eyes might be a little scary but she is darling-sometimes. She fights with the dogs and is scared of the chickens. She loves to step out the door when no ones looking.

eggs4me002 001

Here is the chicken we call ”The Chicken with the Bent Gobble” and this is when she is laying an egg. She is not supposed to lay where she is in the picture but she laid a nice warm egg.eggs4me002 002

She took kind of a long time to lay an egg but it was worth it. I used it to make pancakes this morning. Chickens hate to have other chickens around while they are laying an egg so they will make so much noise that you have to go and get the other out.

eggs4me002 031

This is ”The Little Chicken” dusting in our compost pile. All of the chickens love to do this and they do when it is slightly cold outside and they go warm up in the sun. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching them do this!eggs4me002 026

She has her eyes closed so CUTE!

eggs4me002 018

Well I had better go now and goodbye from Miss Bennet!

Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike in Pride and Prejudice (2005)