by Miss Elliot



I have so many post ideas and all of them will take at least two days or one long day to complete. I have not posted for a week, I know! But I will! Before the school year starts!!!

So, posts to be expecting:

A book review of That Hideous Strength.

That post on Miss Elliot and sacrificing yourself in general.

A review of The Man From Snowy River.

Some excerpts from my scribblings.

And general goodbye-for-now-because-school’s-starting sadness.

All in the next two weeks…

Anyways, I’ve been busy. Doing laundry. And dishes. And online classes. And…

While you’re waiting, go listen to this. And this. And this. (Can you tell I like making lists?)

I must end because it’s bedtime. But I will blog more tomorrow (the book review first, because it’s the hardest). I promise!!

(But I don’t really want to promise because something might come up to prevent me. And I’m really tired and I need my sleep.)