by Miss Elliot

I'm sorry this picture is so fuzzy. Blame the Internet.

I’m sorry this picture is so fuzzy. Blame the Internet.

I wanted to remind everyone about the caption thingy that ends on Saturday. Read about it here. And I wanted to share some things I’ve learned this past week. I learned…

…that if you write with a slippery pen for an hour, your knuckles will hurt.

…that if there is a drought in your part of the country, it will rain afterwards four days in a row. I mean in a ROW.

…that some movies are totally worth watching even if they are made for an age group below yours.

…that having no right, no wrong, and no rules is fine if you wear a blue cape and can make ice with your bare hands.

…that love is giving up what you want for others.

…that love is an open door.

…that it’s important to respond to the above statement with the question “To what?”

…that Norwegians are funny, especially if they own a sauna.

…that reindeer can talk to you, if you provide the audio.

…that school is the best thing in the world.

…that making burlap and tulle flowers for the wedding of a certain person is way funner (yes, I said funner. This is funner than ‘more fun’) if you make them with your grandmother and mother.

…that the Baptist Catechism Set to Music is wonderful for doing the dishes to.

…One Day More, ditto.

…that you never know when it might start raining again.

…that life is a gift, and we should use it to glorify God!