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by Miss Elliot

Oh my goodness. How did that happen??? The entire post was lost, except for the pictures. Noooo…

Anyway, the gist of the post was that this is the last of the ‘Good Things Come In Threes’ posts. And here are my good things:

1. This post by Miss Dashwood. Wow. Exactly what I feel.

2. This. My brother and sister are in that orchestra (no, not in the picture, silly.) They were in a string camp in the summer and this is the fruit of their labors. Good job, guys!! (And, I really like Dragon Hunter.)

3. SCHOOL!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited!! Guys, it starts the day after tomorrow!!!! (And I am studying the above. That means The Great Gatsby, The Old Man and the Sea, All Quiet on the Western Front, all that good stuff. Yep.) I will be posting about this tomorrow if I have time.

So yeah. Good times, the beginning of fall, Emma the movie, and tea – lots of tea.