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by Miss Elliot

I shall be very much absent from the blogging world for the next six-and-thirty weeks, because something more noble and important shall be claiming my attentions. My dear mamma has undertaken our education, and I shall be quite occupied with those duties which are incumbent upon any young woman who wishes to further her acquaintance with the world, and better her mind, so that she, in her turn, may benefit others.

Hold on a minute – something just isn’t right…

Guys, it’s SCHOOL!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! *confetti* Yayyyyy school!!! As you read this, I will be writing, reading, studying, sharpening pencils, and so on. And I am sooooooo excited!!! I don’t care if it’s tenth grade and it’s the eleventh or twelfth time school has started in my life. It’s school!!!!!!!!

I learned from C. S. Lewis (in the Memoria Press class) that the purpose of education is to instill right emotions. Not to fill our heads up with knowledge, or to make us think well of ourselves because we know so much. The purpose is to teach us how to think, how to process the world so that we respond in the right way.

So, thank you, mi querida madre, for school in the sunshine – for pouring yourself out for us.

I suppose I’m getting serious because, guys, I’ve got two more years of high school left. Two. More. Years. What. I am trying to learn to use my time wisely and make the most of what God has given me in the resources I have to learn. Because I don’t want to get to the end of those two years and not be prepared. I don’t want to say to myself in twenty-four months, “I wasted my opportunities!”

So. I’ll be pretty much gone from the face of the blogging world. Get outside, guys, and enjoy fall, because it’s coming!! and it’s wonderful!!

God bless your school year, and even if you aren’t in school now, keep learning!!

And drink tea.

C. S. Lewis said that!! I love tea.

(And a random picture that made me giggle)

Yours truly,

Miss Elliot