By Miss Bennet

camerajuly-december2013 344

Okay. That is me. I was playing some christmas songs at U of L. (University of Louisville) I love the violin. It is my favorite thing to do besides riding horses, holding chickens etc. The violin is something that I can just pick up and ‘fiddle’ with whenever I want to.

babybunny001 013

Well here he is. What did I tell you! Cute huh? I haven’t named him – or her yet. He has grown a lot since this picture. But he is still small.

Like Miss Elliot said. It’s school peeps. (Peoples) It has been pretty good so far. I am studying English, Math, Latin, Logic, and history. I enjoy school a lot. Also I promised you a post about horses didn’t I? I will do that soon.

TTFN TaTa 4 now.