By Miss Bennet

leah horse riding first lesson 114

Sorry about the quality.

That was my first lesson (and I didn’t take any more because ‘they’ moved) I was riding an Arabian gelding named Buck. I love riding and horses with all my heart. I loved the horse that I rode because he was so patient and gentle. Here is another picture:

leah horse riding first lesson 107

ugh. Not any better, but you get the idea!!! I rode western and I loved it. The horse was the most amazing though.

Most of all I wanted to show you baby rabbits. I showed you the other one already, but these are just one or two weeks old:My beautiful picture

Sorry again about the quality!

This is a litter of 9….or….10. I can’t remember. There were two blond rabbits and the rest were black and brown. I loved to put my hands down and feel their soft, silky, small little bodies. This litter was the second litter that we had of 9 or 10, we did not have any more big litters. The rest ranged from 5-7. Rabbits are another big favorite of mine (1) Because I raised them (2) Because I got to watch them grow up (and lastly) (3) because when they grew up they were fun to be around. When they got to be about three weeks old their eyes began to open and I could hold them without worrying the mom so much. Her name was Susan, I think I have told you about her before, She was a wonderful momma to these babies! Feeding them meant standing over them for a while making sure everyone got their fill.

Well, what did I say this post was going to be about? Horses? Okay.

I LOVE to muck out stalls!!!!!!  I love the wonderful smell when you put down fresh bedding and the wonderful thought that you think when you are cleaning it that the horse will be happy when it gets put up for the night. I got to muck out two stalls in North Carolina when I stayed with my Uncle and cousins. It. was. so. fun. You wouldn’t think that at first ”Yuck! Cleaning out a stall! That is disgusting!” But I can assure you it wasn’t. When I had my first riding lesson I got to groom the horse and that was also so fun. So in a few short words I will sum up this post. I. Love. Horses.