…[T]here is also a kind of obedience that’s a feature of irresponsible adulthood. It’s the kind that can cause people to put other people is gas chambers just because the guy above them told them to. Hitler’s goons are notorious for their excuse of ‘just following orders’. But we do this ourselves when we let other people tell us what’s right without seeking it out for ourselves. (Rom. 14.12)

…[W]e don’t have parents so that we can be children forever. We have parents so we can learn to be adults. We’ve heard girls complain that their parents’ involvement in their lives is keeping them children. To all such girls who blame their immaturity – their laziness, their fear of responsibility, their apathy toward sanctification – on others, we have two words: Grow up. And stop goose-stepping around the house.

~It’s (Not That) Complicated: How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical Way by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin