by Miss Elliot

So in my last post I hinted about a certain something in her air and manner of- hold on. I mean, I hinted about something if the best nature in the world – a xxxxxxx! Those of you who’ve read Emma (or seen it – but I’m not sure if it’s in any of the movies) will have completed the quote. “Oh! of the best nature in the world – a wedding.” And yes, that is what I’m posting about. *cue this music*

I love weddings. I just do. They are fun, pretty, sweet, inspirational, and all around one of the best things evah.

I think what I love most about weddings is that two people, one man and one woman, have pledged themselves together, under God, for their lives. The covenant of marriage – it is solemn but joyful, and it’s a life-changing decision that should not be taken lightly.

All that said, this is a time of excitement. Guys, she’s getting married to..to HIM!! They’re going to have a WEDDING!!! She’s going to have a wedding dress! And a veil! (And, if you’re Mrs. Bennet, you rejoice that… well – a daughter! Married! And only just sixteen! He has five thousand a year [if he’s Mr. Bingley]!!!! Or, he’s such a dear man [if he’s that wicked ham guy]!!!!)

Anyway. Here’s what up with ‘our’ wedding. And the little ‘wedding countdown’ thingy on the side bar of this blog. And the general lovely pictures in this post.

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Kenneth and a girl named Rachel. One night, a picture was sent late at night to the phones of all the surrounding families (okay, not literally). The picture was of one thing…

…a ring!

Now you may say, oh, that’s very nice, rings can be helpful. See what they got Bilbo Baggins out of, for example. (Well, it got him INTO a lot of things too, but that’s beside the point.)

You see, this was no ordinary ring. THIS was an ENGAGEMENT ring and it signified Great News.

Guys, they’re getting married!! Auntie Rachel and soon-to-be-Uncle Kenneth!!! Yayyyy!!!!

Here they are.


Auntie Rachel:

Did I tell you that they are wonderful? Well. They are.

Annndddd… they’re getting married!! Soon!! As a matter of fact, there are just nine days left!!

They are getting married at my grandfather’s farm, in a field. Yep. It’s a country-style wedding, folks.

phone 2014 Mommy 020

That, m’dears, is a bona fide cloth and burlap flower, made by my own querida madre. (Si, si, that means dear mother in Italian. And no, I am NOT Italian, Sherlock.) Here is one of the bouquets, made by my mother, grandmother, and Auntie Rachel.

phone 2014 Mommy 210

Lovely. Just lovely.

All right! Now, who, do you think, will be playing the *coughcough* music at the wedding? (Not the wedding march, by the way. Sorry.) Yes, you guess right. Miss Bennet. In the flesh. And my brother Matthew (you’ll be seeing a bit of him in a few days; I can’t say any more). And- yours truly!! Yes, I’ll be playing piano, Miss Bennet the lovely violin, and Matthew the cello. And our music teacher will play the cello. So, fun stuff.

So… does anyone want to know what the wedding march is? Do you??


What??? You…you… Just for that, I’ll tell you what it is!! I’ll even SHOW you. I will, I swear.

It’s going to be a great wedding. I know.

This post is dedicated to Auntie Rachel and (soon to be!) Uncle Kenneth. I love you both and may God bless your wedding and marriage!!

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