By Miss Bennet


Today is 9/11 and today 13 years ago the twin towers in New York state were run into by two planes causing both buildings to fall. Later that day in Washington D.C., the Pentagon was run into by another plane.


Please remember and pray for those whose family and friends died on that day.

On a subject more related to myself, I auditioned for two plays called the ‘King and I’ and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ -but sadly I did not get any calls so I have been very dull this week. I wish that I could have at least been in one of them! Oh Well. I have been in one play already as you know. (‘Our Town’)

By the way, I decided after Miss Elliot’s guest post that I should have a guest of my own. So here she is. Lucy?

‘Oh yes, Miss Bennet. ‘

I was wondering would you tell the readers more about yourself.

‘I live in a place called Bath. It is in southern England so not much of a sad-looking place as London, England. I have been there before and did not like it as much as home. I am 12 years old and I share Miss Bennet’s love of the violin and horses. Except I have two darling little ponies that I love to ride and have them pull my cart. As for cleaning out the stalls it would dirty my dress terribly!’  

Readers, you must understand that she lives in the time of Pride and Prejudice and all that. And she does have an accent so the word Bath is not Bath as in taking a bath but ‘Bauth’ you see.  Go on Lucy.

Well, my mother’s name is Margarete but I call her mama and my father’s name is John, I call him papa. I am an only child now, but I will not be for long! My mother is going to have a baby in the winter. That worries me a little. Winters here are so cold sometimes. We have two servants that have been here since I was little. I never had a nurse so I am closer to my mother than most other children. Right now it is fall here and already I can feel the winter wind blowing. My house is two stories and my bedroom is downstairs right next to my mother’s and father’s. I have a big back yard with an apple orchard going right down the center. All the apples are gathered now, but there might be a few left. We live in a sort of lonely neighborhood. Well I wouldn’t call it a neighborhood at all except that there is a family that lives down the road a ways. My only good friend lives in London and I miss her a great deal! We write to each other a great deal and a letter came from her yesterday saying that she is well and that here elder brother had gone to fight in the Navy.’

Well Lucy that is truly amazing and sad for your friend. I would like you to tell us of your surroundings.

‘Of course. Down the road there is a little market and even further down the road there is a large building full of apartments. I once recall a Miss Elliot and Captain Wentworth staying there. One of our servants is friends with a Mrs. Rook and Mrs. Rook knows all the news in town. Some people call her gossipy but I think that sometimes the news is helpful such as-‘

Uh yes and I am sure that Mrs Rook is a very nice sort of person but do change the subject.

‘I do beg your pardon! Anyway Mrs. Rook is nice-‘

ppppsstt…….not Mrs Rook!

Readers I will have to come back with Lucy soon!