By Miss Bennet

Well here we are with Lucy again readers.

Lucy, why don’t you tell us about your likes and dislikes. Food etc.

‘Well there is not really anything that I do not like except spinach, but cook does not make it a lot. Most of all I like crumpets and tea cakes. I simply adore them. Also fruit- any fruit. My favorite meal is ‘cold ham and pork and every good thing’ that goes along with it. Another is Beef and lentil stew. We eat that mostly in the winter but I wish we had it year-round.

That sounds wonderful Lucy. How about your activities.


What do you like to do?

‘Oh! Well I already told you about my ponies and-‘

And what are their names?

‘I named them Thunder and Lightning because Thunder is so loud when he runs and Lightning is like a streak of lightning going by so fast you barely see him. Thunder is all black and Lightning is cream-colored. They are very beautiful to see. I enjoy riding Thunder more and having Lightning pull the cart.’

They sounds lovely Lucy! Now what does your father do?

‘My father is a Blacksmith and sometimes I get to help him quiet the horses when he puts their shoes on. Father enjoys his work very much and it helps him get to know a lot of the people in town. He is a favorite of every one. The way he handles the horses makes them stand so quiet and still that sometimes it isn’t me that is making them still. I love to help him.’

What about your mother?

‘My mother stays at home mostly but sometimes she will help father. Now a days she rests a lot because of her baby.’

Is there anything that you want to tell the readers before you go?

‘Yes as a matter of fact. If you want to ask me any questions about how it is here, feel free to!’

Yes, thank you Lucy!


Bye Lucy!

Well. I am going to you about some things concerning……….wait for it………Love, a Ring, and a Wedding. You probably already saw Miss Elliot’s Love-ly post about it. Well from my side of the story I am very excited for both of them! I am going to play my violin at their wedding and I cannot wait. It is in 8 days!!!! so short. Kenneth is going to be the best Uncle EVER. (I am not forgetting you Uncle Patrick) They will be very H-A-P-P-Y!!!


Those aren’t exactly their rings right. I had better leave you to read all the other better posts on this blog and Miss Elliot’s one located right below this one. Enjoy this blog, comment, and drink a cup of tea along with us.

Lucy enjoyed all of her time with us and Horses pt.2 is comin’ folks don’t worry.

Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike in Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Love, Miss Bennet