By Miss Bennet

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Those two….yes those two. Joshua will be turning 3 and Matthew will be turning 11. The post below this one is VERY URGENT because-no Miss Elliot I won’t tell why! I am excited for both of them. Matthew is in the play ‘King and I’ (Yeah THE one I didn’t get)

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Here for a change is some of those little pleasant ‘creatures’ that I love so dearly. in the picture they are visiting……

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Sunny. One of the biggest rabbits I have ever had. (mostly because he gets to eat the chicken food sometimes.) He is the son of a Black Otter Rex (rare by the way) and his mom was a White Albino.

My dog, Jack, is really awesome, but he does not like to have his picture taken. So this was the best I could do. The picture makes him look a little bigger than he really is. He is part Pug and something else that I have never been able to figure out. He is the ‘Prince’ dog in our family and Tanner is the ‘King’ and Ivy is the ‘Queen’ and so-on.

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Well. Cute?

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Just to refresh your memory we have three dogs, three rabbits, six chickens, and one cat. As of the other picture it only shows three chickens.

Our other two rabbits are Buster and Robin. Buster (the rare one) is the black one and he is sort of the boss of things and of Robin. Sunny I keep separate because he has gotten mistreated by them before. Sunny is MY baby.

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Sorry the picture is so blurry. They really do not sit still. But I still do practically adore them.

So I will leave you with that and wish my brother and cousin a Happy Birthday! Go to the post below this one read and tell Miss Elliot before it is too late! You will understand all of that after you read it! Hurry!

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-Miss Bennet and the six chicks-