By Miss Bennet

Novarupta, the volcano erupted in June 1912 and a team of explorers just recently went up to the dome – Novarupta. The team of explorers went through a lot to show the world that things can change in one place in a time of sixty hours – proving that evolution can’t be true and things don’t take millions of years to change. Dr. David Shormann and his step-son Kenney (and eventually Kenney’s wife Ashley) have hard times as they walk the treacherous mountains on the Alaskan peninsula, encounter a bear and wade through waters that numb you before you are halfway across. It is really an exciting adventure! The audio adventure is truly thrilling and inspiring! I think that this will be your favorite as well as mine when you listen to this! Dr. Shormann had his rock sample from the dome dated in 2012, exactly 100 years after the volcano erupted. There was also a second expedition to Novarupta three years after the first one with Kenny’s wife included. This dome was first investigated by Dr. Robert Grigs after the eruption in 1912. He also encountered winds that reached 80 mph and his tent getting torn in two by sharp rocks. Pumus constantly raining down and Dr. Grigs being carried away by the high winds one night. ”Now I know what a tumble weed must feel like.” -Tommy, one of the explorers from Dr. Shormann’s team.