By Miss Bennet
As you know already I am sure: I love Horses. So this will be my exhibit of all that I have to say about horses. First of all I will tell you one thing, no matter how mean the horse or even if it is from poor breeding, society, master, or expensive, not expensive, Horses are beautiful. I have seen so many horses that are beautiful even if they are plump, or they need an apple or two. They ARE worth having even if you do not do anything with them. Horses are like no other animal to me. They are beautiful and they show good results when you feed them well, talk to them and keep them tidy. I love horses and even though I do not have one, I know that they can be enjoyed whether useful or not.

So with no further adue I present ‘Black Beauty.’



Black Beauty was a lovely colt. Born in a wonderful stable with wonderful care.

He grew up knowing that he was in caring hands.



Black Beauty was trained to have a bit and bridle – which learning that is not all that fun. But with the kind words of his master he learns quickly.blackbeautyblogspot10




Beauty then gets sold to another kind master, but has an experience with a forgetful stable boy, Joe who he eventually loves, and gets very sick and close to death. Ginger and Merrylegs are his companions in the other two stalls.


-This is the scene were they name him, well she names him.

Ginger, a very high-spirited horse, was mean at first, but having been influenced by Beauty she recovers her quiet spirits. Merrylegs is a plump little pony who adores being ridden by the two young girls that live there.



Beauty recovers well and becomes friends with Joe.


-Joe trying to harness Beauty in, but doesn’t understand how to do it.


-Taking a long nap in the field.


In another instance Beauty’s Mistress is very ill and she must go to a special doctor in London. Beauty and Ginger stay in a nice, old stable, but a man, who is rude to the horse-boy, smokes in the stable and the barn burns completely down and Joe saves Ginger and Beauty from getting burned in the fire.



Then Beauty and Ginger are sold to a cruel master. A woman who thinks that the fashion is to force the horses necks higher and higher with a special kind of harness.



Ginger can’t stand it anymore one day and throws a huge fit. Kicking and neighing. Beauty gets a cut in the leg and is allowed to rest for a few weeks, Ginger is never put in one of those harnesses again, but is put into the cruel horse races where they over run the horses.
Black Beauty is then ridden by a drunk man who leaves his shoe loose. Beauty falls on both of his knees and tears them up horribly.


That is the man, Reuben, who rides Beauty drunk, but in this scene he is nice to Beauty and this is the scene where he takes care of the wound that Beauty got in the scuffle with Ginger.



Beauty’s knees heal, but leave terrible scars. The cruel woman decides a horse cannot be like that in her stables, so he gets sold again.


He gets sold to a nice cabman named Jerry who has a boy and a girl who adore him and call him Black Jack. Jerry’s wife, Martha, also adores Beauty. While working for Jerry he meets up with old Ginger again who is very sick, and later he sees that she died a few days after he met her and saw her for the last time. She had been winded. She had been  to young to race and being driven to fast and was useless in her owners mind and was sold to a cruel cabman.


-In this scene Beauty takes Jerry’s bread. It is sweet.


-Jerry’s son and Beauty.


-Jerry’s son saying goodbye.

Jerry is very kind and cares for Beauty for a while – until Jerry gets very sick and must go into the country to recover. Beauty is sold again.


The flour company who buys Beauty say and promise that they will not mistreat Beauty. But they load his cart full of flour more then he can carry so many times that one day he cannot haul them anymore and falls to the ground. Again he is almost close to death. But he is saved, but put up for sale again.


This time while he is waiting for someone to buy him, he sees Joe the old stable boy. But Joe is so grown up. Would Joe recognize him? He whinnied his old whinny from when they used to play together. Joe turned and looked at Beauty skeptically at first. ”Beauty?” He asked softly…Beauty waited….Joe came closer and felt him all over searching…”You are Beauty!” he exclaimed in wonder. He also brushed back Beauty’s matted mane and saw the white star in his forehead. He hugged Beauty and bought him from the dealer. He took him home and showed him to Beauty’s old Mistress.


-In this scene a few tears are shed by Joe in finding Beauty again. And it always makes me cry too.

I will leave you there.


-Sorry it is such a bad picture.

It is all so enjoyable! I like to watch this movie over and over again. This movie is well made and the horse that plays Black Beauty is so good and is good for the part. This is – besides Snowy River – is the best movie ever made. I am sure that you will agree when you have seen it. It will make you want to get a horse and take care of it properly and not sell it and all that. Well it is to bad I can’t. XD But I wish that I could have a horse with all of my being. (This sounds really silly I know) But if I had one…….oh if only I did. But oh well….I’ve got to get over stuff like that will not happen at present. Anyway I have the chickens and the rabbits and the dogs (sigh) and the cat. i hoped that you enjoyed this post a lot (and of course will comment on it heh) Ahem. I have worked on this for a while and so I am really happy to release it to the blog! Also please do not take my word for how good it is. Go. Watch it. And then tell me what you think! I will appreciate that very much! So I will leave you with that thought!