By Miss Bennet

This is not Miss Elliot’s big picture heavy wedding post. I am just going to show you a little bit so it won’t seem so suspenseful.

september2014 095

Mostly Zinnias and Queen Anne’s Lace. Beautiful. Loverly. september2014 122

The bouquets were set up along the isles on stumps as you can see. They were just beautiful.

september2014 102

(ignore the ladders please) This is what they got married under. So great. The bride walked through the doors to right were the ladders are now. If you look over to the right, there is another building called the potty barn. Ahemreallyawesomepicsandwedding

(again blah ladders) This is facing the little ‘chapel’ thing and it is really sweet.

So I will leave you wishing for more!