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by Miss Elliot

Fall is here, m’dears!! Sweaters – pumpkins – pumpkin pie – apple cider – leaves – Thanksgiving – Yayyy!!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – school has been fun and hard and enlightening and, well, time-consuming. Which is exactly as it should be. (Would you want to marry a WICKed man?)

Oh, yes, we watched the Anne movies this month. They were amazing. As usual, heehee. I was really in love with the Anne movies as a little girl (and I still am, in my heart :-)) – really, really. And I mean it. Haha.

The scariest thing that happened to me this month, though, was this:

I know it looks like a harmless book – well, a bit spooky, because of the front, but, really, Miss Elliot, it’s only a book…

Well, Brave New World is scary, folks. Huxley predicted the dark side of genetic engineering, unlimited contraceptives, sexual permissiveness, the breakdown of the nuclear family – even video games – in the 1930’s! Brave New World makes That Hideous Strength look like a picnic in the woods. I mean a PICNIC in the WOODS.

And I just finished All Quiet on the Western Front on Friday. I have no words to describe the ache of that book. I don’t know if Erich Maria Remarque knew Jesus Christ, but I hope that at some point in his life, he realized that the only answer to his pain – and all pain – was Christ and Him crucified.

Another first-timer for this month was this.

We watched In Search of the Castaways with Auntie Rachel on Saturday…

…and it was awesome. This is one of the forgotten Disney movies from the dear dead days gone by and never to be spoken of (a.k.a. the 1960’s. Yes…). Disney movies don’t get any better than this (or do they? I really love Davy Crockett… Ahh! Back on track, Miss Elliot, right now! :-)).

My dear brother, the one who condescended to grace my lowly vlog with his presence (wait, who was gracing who with their presence? Who am I, lunchmeat?? ;-)) is in a local production of The King and I! Miss Bennet and I did try out for it, but alas, we were too much local celebrities to be in the musical. Only amateurs, they said.

…Kidding. (If you want to know the truth, we weren’t loud enough. :-/)

Politics, 1800's style. Also known as Wilber being nice and loud.

Politics, 1800’s style. Also known as Wilber being nice and loud. And Nicholas Farrell being worried.


Matthew is Captain (*racks brain and is mor’ified that she can’t remember the name because it’s her brother*), otherwise known as Captain Orton (easy peasy. Google it.) and a Buddhist priest. I am really looking forward to The King and I – we’ve never seen it before – and live musicals are kind of my thing. Heehee.

Also. exciting news!!! R. T. Photograhy put up the wedding pictures!!

This is just a tiny selection of my favorites. See them all here.

And the laptop battery is about to die. This post, by the way, took about a week to write. Told you I was busy!! :-p

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