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by Miss Elliot

November the Fifth, as some people may know, is Guy Fawkes Day – the day that the gentleman of that name tried to burn down Parliament and was prevented. It’s celebrated in England in the modern-day by burning Guy Fawkes’ effigy, fireworks, Sherlock rescuing John from bonfires, and general festivities.

Everybody partyyyy! :-p

Everybody partyyyy! :-p

But – that is not the only thing this day was celebrated for. Charles Spurgeon writes this in the November 5 entry in his devotional Morning and Evening:

“This day is notable in English history for two great deliverances wrought by God for us. On this day the plot of the Papists to destroy our Houses of Parliament was discovered, 1605.

“‘While for our princes they prepare/ In caverns deep a burning snare,/ He shot from heaven a piercing ray,/ And the dark treachery brought to day.’

“And secondly – today is the anniversary of the landing of King William III, at Torbay, by which the hope of Popish ascendancy was quashed, and religious liberty was secured, 1688.”

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Besides, it has something to do with the (original) intent of this post.


So. Why ‘Puritan Observer’? Why is the personal blog of Miss Elliot and Miss Bennet called Puritan Observer? Puritans are those grim, kill-joy witchhunters that wear black clothes and those funny collars, and never want themselves or anyone else to have fun, right?


The Puritans were just people who tried to serve God in every aspect of their lives. They tried to literally take ‘every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ’, in everything. Granted, they may have gone too far in some things, but how much of our view of the Puritans has been influenced by our modern, secular media/historybooks? (Case in point – The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Which I still highly recommend, by the way. It’s a really good book, but it portrays the Puritans in a negative light, as does every single book I’ve read set in that time period. [Just so you know, it’s not about an actual witch; it’s about someone suspected of being a witch.])  And about the witch-hunting – I agree that it is not right at all to burn an innocent person just because you suspect/are mad at that person. But, the Bible speaks very clearly about the existence and reality of the devil and demons. I don’t think we should be quick to judge the Puritans for being wary in that area. I know it seems radical, but bear with me here – I’m still sorting these things out for myself.

*steps off soapbox*


This blog was started by our mom, who wrote about Jesus Christ and more of His light. She named it PuritanObserver – meaning, someone who views the entire world through the lens of Scripture. I’m not saying that I do this to perfection. I have more than my fair share of sin and a worldly ‘lens’. But, my goal for this blog – and my life is: to observe everything (yes, even Jane Austen and Frozen!) through the clear lens of Scripture.