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by Miss Elliot


Cap-that.com, what else?


Just blog.

Why isn’t she blogging? Do you think she knows how to blog?”

*typing sound*

In other words, I am alive!! Hellooooo everyone. Finally, time to blog something Actually Interesting and Well Thought Out. Because…

Guys, it’s Christmas. I cannot believe it. I just love Christmas and the season in general. Beautiful lights, sweet movies, celebrating the birth of Christ…

And I’m scared. Time goes by far too fast for anyone’s sanity. My sister just turned thirteen – there are now two teenagers in the house. Wut.

One of my absolute favorite things about the Christmas season is the music. It’s familiar but with an element of surprise, more classical-ish and traditional, and I love it when an artist (like Celine Dion) sings a song that is sooo obviously in praise of Jesus Christ that you know that the artist had to ‘get’ the true meaning.

I’m sure that every single family in the United States, and all over the world as well, has their own particular collection of CD’s/tapes/records/whatever. We are no exception. Some of the CD’s we’ve collected over the years are really, really good, some are meehhh, and some are hideous. But for the ones we’ve had for the longest time – well, it’s almost as if they’re ingrained in my DNA. Sooo, without any further ado, here are five of my faves from our little basket on the counter (in nooo particular order):

Amy Grant: A Christmas Album


I’m tempted to make all of these Amy Grant ones. I love her voice so much. This album is very Christ-centered and it is just wonderful because of in spite of an 80’s feel (what? It was IN the 80’s, so yes, it has a 80’s feel). You can listen to the album here on YouTube.

Amy Grant: A Christmas to Remember


This one just makes me feel warm inside. She has so many fun interpretations of old songs. And have you ever listen to Highland Cathedral while vacuuming the floor and dancing around? Well. Let’s just say. Awesomeness-sauce for realsies. I can’t find the entire album on YouTube. Oh well.

Classical Christmas: Baroque Christmas Music


Classical music wins every time. This is an amazing collection. It’s upbeat, and -well, very classical! One of my favorites of all time.

Josh Groban: Noel


He looks like a hobbit. But a nice hobbit. *ducks rotten tomatoes* I’m sorry, it just popt out…

Don’t judge me – I really do like Josh Groban. His voice is amazing and I love the more traditional songs he does in this album. My younger sister, who is looking over my shoulder, says to write that he practices six hours a day. So there ya go. You can listen to the album here on YouTube.

An Old English Christmas


Annnd the last: an Old English Christmas. I loooove Old English music/instruments, and this CD is so beautiful!! It sounds almost like the dance music in P&P95. Which is good, y’know.

And that’s it, folks! I hope you enjoy some of these albums, and I’d love to hear what some of your Christmas favorites are! 🙂 Merry Christmas!