by Miss Elliot

Still He calls, through the night, beyond the days of old,

A voice of peace to the weary ones who struggle with the human soul.

All of us, travelers, through a given time,

Who can know what tomorrow holds, but over the horizon surely you and I will find

Emmanuel, God with us, the Son of Israel.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Miss Jane Bennet of Classic Ramblings tagged anyone wearing purple while reading the tag. And wouldn’t ya know, I was wearing purple – just a bit – but enough to feel entitled to answer the questions. Sooooo here the questions are:

1. Favorite book of the Bible?

Hmmmm. Well, right now I’m reading Judges, and I enjoy reading the stories of God’s faithfulness to His people even when they disobey. But I, like Miss Jane Bennet, really love the Psalms – they are so wonderfully relatable and they speak to my heart so much.

2. Favorite part of Christmas?

HOW CAN YOU ASK. “You always say such horrible things…” :-p I love the music, of course – a lot. And the lights, and the presents. But I think my favorite is the Christmas Eve service at church – all over the world. Celebrating Jesus’ birth and worshipping God – it seems more special on Christmas. Because it’s Christmas!

“I feel the same. Oh, you mean it’s actually Christmas.”


3. Milk or dark chocolate?

DARK. Indubitably. Milk chocolate leaves such a horrid taste in your mouth. I mean,  I do like it – any chocolate is gooooood – but dark is gooder. (I know it’s ‘better’, hush. Isn’t Christmas supposed to bring out the child in you? ;-))

4. Least favorite movie and why?

Ehmmmm. Hard one.

..Okay. The Polar Express. It’s super creepy and doesn’t fit with the rest of Christmas at all. Plus, they took a really good children’s book and turned it into… this:



“And a happy new year.”

But I have to admit: they have some lovely music in there. Believe always send shivers down my spine – because it’s so beautiful.

5. Favorite actor/actress?

Hmmm. Only one?!? 😉

Weeeell, in spite of all the Cumberbatches and Freemans and Hiddlestons and Helena Bonham-Carters floating around, I’m gonna say…Hugh Jackman. Because he’s been married for 15+ years and since he’s an adoptive father. And, of course, he’s Jean Valjean. Haha.


6. Ketchup or mustard?

Muussstard. Please. Even though I like ketchup.

7. Ever been outside the US?

No. But I would looooove to visit Other Places. 🙂




8. Dogs or cats?

Cats. I love dogs but cats are more my ‘thing’. Heehee.

9. Least favorite food?

Eggs. Bleeehhh. (But I do like poached eggs…) Also rice pudding. Just… what?

10. Favorite beauty product?

Hmmm. I have a very basic makeup regimen, so I guess… lip gloss. 🙂

And I tag…. anyone who listened to Christmas music in the last forty-five minutes. Heh heh heh. 😉

Oh, by the way, if anyone knows of any Christmasy tags, I’d loooove to hear about them! This one was kinda random. But still nice. 🙂 Thank you, Jane dear.