by Miss Elliot


And yes, I got this from Sample Pictures. Go figure.

…but I have been absent for a veddy veddy long time. I haven’t even been online for blogging purposes (or anything else, really) in over two weeks. I feel … surprisingly okay. Heh. But also sad because I’ve neglected you. How can you blog with no one to leave the comments? (And if you get that reference, you are super amazing and awesome. :-))

Anyways, I came to see what kind of post you’d like. I started a post two weeks ago about the two best Christmas movies ever.

*taps keyboard nervously*

Ummmmmm, I didn’t finish it. I barely started, actually.

So I was wondering if you’d like 1) a ‘time capsule’ post – I’ll just leave the already written part alone, and just finish it, or – 2) should I totally re-write it? I didn’t have much written, so it doesn’t matter much to me. I’d prefer to do a time capsule sorta thing. Because I am QUITE PUT OUT over Christmas being over. Whyyyy did it have to end?

Speaking of Christmas, all of you fellow Mizzies out there will be excited to learn that I received from my grandparents…

Oh wait.


(That’s better.)

It’s not the full soundtrack- the CD is missing Look Down (beggars’ version) and Do You Hear the People Sing. WHY. But other than that, it’s so awesome. And guys, I love Stars. What is all this about Russell Crowe’s voice? I mean, the ‘NOW prisoner 24601, your time is UP and your parOLE’S begun’ bit in the beginning is kinda funny. But Stars is just amazing. And is anyone else so much of an alto that they totally abandon Courgette Cosette’s part in A Heart Full of Love? It’s like Love is an Open Door – I totally do Hans’ part in that, haha.

Happy New Year, by the way! I’m celebrating by… blogging! 🙂