by Miss Elliot

“I feel the same. Oh, you mean it’s actually Christmas.”

I have discovered a voice. A very beautiful voice. And no, it’s not my voice. Heehee. The voice is the voice, in fact, of Susan Boyle.

HOW can she SING like that. Our Father and In the Bleak Midwinter are my favorites, I think. Also Miracle Hymn.

There are miracles all around,

Miracles here to be found,

Hid in every heart is an answered prayer

Like a candle’s flame, hope will lead us there.

(“Yes, if I wanted poetry I’d read John’s emails to his girlfriends. Much funnier.”)

And you haven’t laughed as hard as you can until you’ve heard her singing a duet with Elvis. Hilaaarious.

Speaking of singing, we got the Frozen soundtrack at the library. Can you imagine the agony. The noise, the PEOPLE.

Kidding. It’s actually pretty good. We’ve listened to it about ten times in the last four days. Haha. And no, of course I NEVER sing along, ever. 😉


I thought today I’d share about the two best Christmas movies of all time without question. And that is not just my very humble opinion, it is true. IMHO.


Anyways. The first one is…


Miracle on 34th Street

It’s funny – when this movie first came out in 1947, it wasn’t marketed as a Christmas movie. It was targeted towards the summer movie crowds. But something must’ve happened, because now it is definitely marketed as a Christmas movie. Haha.

{And everything after this was written in January, FYI. Yes, I really didn’t write much. :-p}


It’s 1947. The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is going about to start. When the parade’s Santa Claus turns up drunk, a man who calls himself Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwen) takes his place…


…much to the relief of the parade director, Doris Walker (Maureen O’Hara). She eventually recruits the nice old man with real whiskers to be Macy’s Santa, who sits and takes children’s gift requests.

(And here Miss Elliot gets the long sentence award. Snorrrt.)

Doris’ little girl, Susie (Natalie Wood), has never read any fairytales; she goes to a ‘progressive’ school and doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

Fred Gailey (John Payne) is a bright young lawyer who is trying to teach Susie – and her mother – to believe in things they can’t see.

Why are '40s actors so good lookin'...

Why are ’40s actors so good lookin’…

When Kris is taken to Bellevue by a physicologist-turned fake physiciatrist, Fred Gailey takes the case against the State of New York.

THIS GUY. IS AMAZING. Seriously, who can pretend to smoke a cigar and influence the Supreme Court except this guy? "That case is dynamite."

THIS GUY. IS AMAZING. Seriously, who can pretend to smoke a cigar and influence the Supreme Court except this guy? “That case is dynamite.”

Just go watch it. It’s totally clean, hilarious and really sweet. And, y’know, John Payne and Maureen O’ Hara.

The name's Doris Walker, and the address is 221b... oh wait.

The name’s Doris Walker, and the address is 221b… oh wait.

And by the way, I luuuurve Doris’ dresses. Well, I love 40’s style in general. And the pearls… oh my stars and staircases.

I decided to do this in installments – so the next movie is coming (hopefully) soon! 🙂

(Goodness, I need a Twitter account – 40 characters per posts is sounding reeeeealy nice, what with all the time it’s taken me to get this far. I’m just a laaaaazy blogger. Heh.)