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by Miss Elliot

{This is my attempt at modernizing a section of Pride and Prejudice. It’s still a bit rough, but it was a lot of fun to write, and I *thought* ya’ll (come on, I’m from Kentucky) might enjoy it. The character names might be a bit hard to figure out, so I’ll explain: Lizzy is, of course, Elizabeth Bennet; Carrie is Caroline Bingley; Will is Mr. Darcy; Charlie is Mr. Bingley; Loo is Louisa Hurst; Tom is Mr. Hurst; and Jeanine is Georgiana Darcy. *inhales* Tell me what you think, and if you’d like more! And please don’t copy this without my permission – *I* wrote it, so don’t steal my thunder. :-p}

When Lizzy came into the living room, she saw Charlie, Carrie, Will, Loo, and Tom playing Scrabble. They asked her to play, but it looked like they were playing for money, and she said no, she’d have to leave in a moment to see about her sister. She asked if she could use Charlie’s laptop to check her friend’s blogs. Tom was surprised at this: “You’d rather read someone’s blog than play a game? That’s… interesting.”

“Lizzy Bennet,” said Carrie, “hates playing games. She’s a fabulous blogger and doesn’t like doing anything else.”

“Oh, I don’t deserve such praise, or such criticism. I’m not a good blogger, and I like doing many things,” said Lizzy.

“You like taking care of your sister,” said Charlie, “and I hope you will like it even more, because she’ll get better.”

Lizzy smiled at him and walked toward the desk where the laptop sat. He immediately offered to let her use his iPhone instead.

“And I wish I had an iPad for you to use. But I am not an internet guy; I have more technology than I ever use.”

Lizzy assured him that she could use this laptop very well.

“I’m so surprised,” said Carrie, “that we don’t have more modern gadgets, and that Mom and Dad didn’t get an iPad. What a lot of neat gadgets you have at your house, Will.”

“You know how much my dad like that sort of thing,” replied Will.

“Well, but you added some to it yourself,” replied Carrie; “you just bought that Android Watch thingy.”

“I don’t think anyone wouldn’t keep up with the times, as far as that goes,” replied Will, obviously trying to shut Carrie up.

“Wouldn’t keep up! You keep up everything that makes your great house wonderful. Charlie, when you build your house, I wish it may be half as beautiful as Pemberly.”

“I hope so,” said Charlie.

“But seriously, you should buy land in the same neighborhood and take Pemberley as a model. Darby is such a lovely neighborhood,” Carrie said, glancing at Will.

“Oh, I’d buy Pemberly itself if Will would sell it,” said Charlie.

“I’m talking about what could actually happen, Charlie,” said Carrie.

“Well, Carrie, I think it would be easier to buy Pemberly than to copy it,” protested Charlie.

Lizzy was so interested in the conversation that she couldn’t pay attention to the blog post she was reading. She shut down the laptop and went over to the table to watch the Scrabble game.