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by Miss Elliot


Both pictures from the wonderful Cap-that.com.

100th post!!!!

Right now I am thinking a lot about summer. Well, actually spring. I mean, I love winter, but Kentucky winters are usually…brown. Not white. Just cold and muddy.

Anyway, I’m planning to do the 30-Day Song Challenge in the summer. I’d do it now but I haven’t time. (*voice in my head* ‘Yes, you have time, you lazy.’) I *am* going to do it in the summer. And I’m telling you now to get yself motivated. I was very inspired by Miss Jane Bennet‘s answers, and I thought it would be fun to do it *ahem* myself. Go figure.

Also, I thought I’d do an Ask Me Anything post, just for fun, because I luurve that sort of post. I love reading other people’s mostly, heehee. So, ask me anything! Submit your questions in the comments before January 31 (2015, heehee).


And go watch P&P 2005. You deserve it.