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Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people who know nothing about Jane Austen or this movie for real call it the definition of sappy chick flicks. Some people who know more about Jane Austen than I do call it the worst Jane Austen movie ever made.


But everyone’s got an opinion of it. I’d looove to hear your opinions – and I’d love to start the first comment war on this blog. Well, actually, this isn’t worth fighting over. But I can fight over it anyway. It’s *my* blog. :-p

My advice to those new to Jane Austen: If you want to know true Jane Austen, watch P&P95. But if you aren’t concerned about sticking to the books, and if you want a lovely sparkling movie, watch P&P05.

Soooo. To get started…

(And by the way, all these lovely screencaps are from Cap-that.com, which totally deserves a shout-out. It’s got really good quality screencaps from Austen films here. And they did the Hobbit films too…)

I loove the portrayal of the Bennet family. I KNOW it’s not according-to-the-book, but we’re not thinking about the book now, remember?

They’re so lovable and messy and real. Every time I watch this movie, I think, “Wow, that’s us right there…”

Elizabeth Bennet. Wow. Just wow. While I don’t condone most of the movies Kiera Knightley been in (*coughcough*), she is such an amazing and beautiful actress, and while she doesn’t fit my idea of Elizabeth in the book, the ‘fine eyes’ and her sense of humor are perfect.

Jane Bennet is a sweet girl is sooo perfect. (I need to stop saying perfect…) Rosamond Pike is just so sweet and wonderful as Jane. (Naomi Bennet has an interesting post about Susannah Harker vs. Rosamond Pike.)

Lydia Bennet (Jena Malone)… Hmmm. I’ve heard her described as acting half-drunk all the time. I dooon’t really agree with that – she’s just very Lydia-ish. She’s more lovable, again. That’s rather a common theme in this movie…

Kitty Bennet (Carey Mulligan) is very sweet – she has such a pleasant face. (And apparently she’s become a well known actress, what with The Great Gatsby and so on. Well, that doesn’t have anything to do with Pride and Prejudice…) Mary (Taluleh Riley) was soo cute. I kinda wished we could’ve seen more of her.

Mrs. Bennet (Brenda Blethyn): “Don’t worry, Mr. Collins! I’ll have this little hiccup dealt with immediately….LIZZY!!!!!” I luuuurve Mrs. Bennet. She’s not as annoying as the *real* Mrs. Bennet, and she has heaps of good lines that are quoted around here at least once a day.

“Let’s all raise a glass…. to the Master of the House.” :-p

Despite the talk of his being a pirate (hardiharhar, blogger friends who I’m not going to name because I can’t remember who you are {but there are two of you}), Donald Sutherland really does a good job being Mr. Bennet. Even though he does look like a pirate. 

On this lonely barricade… at dawnnnnn… 😉 Come on, someone needs to make a P&P Les Mis.

Mr. Bingley was kinda… empty-headed. He was nice but didn’t deserve Jane. But they were sooooo cute together during the Bingley proposal scene.

Caroline Bingley seems closer to the book-Caroline for me than Anne Chancellor (even if she is related to Jane Austen). She’s more of someone Darcy might *actually* pick over Lizzy.

Charlotte Lucas is so wonderful that she deserves a post of her own. I could say loads about her, but short version: Not dead I really, really like her.

Oh, and I *have* to mention her husband…


This guy totally deserves an award. He is hilarrrrious but he’s also so serious all the time. I found myself kinda feeling sorry for him… but then, no.

I DON’T like Rupert Friend as Wickham (ergggh, the greasy ponytail? Seriously.). Even though I DO like him as Prince Albert in The Young Victoria, which I haven’t even seen yet. So basically, I like the actor, but not his Wickham (or his ponytail).

Annnnd the biggie…

Mr. Darcy. Yes, him.

What with the greasy hair, the half-kiss (erghhh, I hate even saying that), I just… well, let’s just say, who else prefers him as Arthur Clenham???

I mean, I like the Darcy-Lizzy relationship. And these two… well, if it was anything other than Jane Austen, I’d love them together, but not with Jane Austen in the mix. People, it just doesn’t WORK.

Okay, let’s see… favorite scenes…

Sorry, not a good picture of Jane. Hem-heh.

“Mamma, the carriage, for Jane.” Such a lovely kerfuffle. 🙂 I love the rich colors in this scene, too.

HAAA. Darcy’s sitting there like he’s half asleep, Caroline is boring him to death (we assume) and all of a sudden in comes Lizzy. It’s hilarious.

I love the sweet country-ish party. All the wild dancing. 🙂 And yes, I KNOW it’s not period correct. But I still love it.

The bit before this is hilaaaarious. “I mean, I CAN read.” 🙂 And this scene ^^ is so cute because… awww, I just love the way the two of them are.

THIS SCENE. So spontaneous and even though Darcy looks like a smacked puppy (sorry, but it’s the truth, peoples), this scene actually makes me like the Kiera-Lizzy – Matthew-Darcy relationship. In other words… it actually makes me *coughcough* SHIP them.

*squirms a bit because I used a modern word*

Okay. Least favorite scenes.

“Look at me, Mr. Darcy…” Ugggh.

Ergghhh. She’s staring at him sooo suggestively. Not very Lizzy-ish.

The proposal. Just… no. No, no, and NO. And the near kiss at the end? Puh-lease.

*wants to smack the director, the scriptwriter, and the producer*

…And the second proposal. NOOOOOOOO. *runs around screaming and tearing out hair* No no no no no no. Non. Nein. There you have it.

Annnnd this scene. No, a picture is NOT going to appear on *my* blog of this scene. Nope. But I really do like the scene in between the last two ‘least favorite scenes* – you know, where Lizzy talks to her dad and so on. But uggh, the last scene…

So there you have it, folks! You reached the end of this extremely long-winded and rambling post! Go eat some chocolate. 🙂 As a side note, the soundtrack music is just gorgeous and Deserving of Attention. Just go listen to it. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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