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I apologize for my absence around here of late. There’s nothing like an outbreak of strep throat combined with some other cold-ish thing that moves down to the chest so it’s more like pneumonia… and no I’m not complaining. I’m making excuses. ūüôā

Anyways… to the original subject.

I love books. My dream is to have a huge library room in my ‘house o’ dreams’ with a big comfy chair and hundreds and hundreds of books. Ahhhhhh…

Anyway. I’ve been enjoying some lovely books over the past few months, and I thought I’d share some here.


1. War Horse (Micheal Morpurgo)

I was inspired to read this by a review I read on ad majoram¬†dei gloriam.¬†It is¬†so amazing. To those of you who don’t know the story,¬†it follows the journey of a horse who is¬†put into the¬†war.¬†Very sad, very stirring, and very¬†engrossing.¬†(My sister, who’s looking over my shoulder, said to put that it was her favorite book. There, dear.)


2. Set-Apart Femininty (Leslie Ludy)

Just.. wow. The¬†author¬†tells of her own struggle¬†to conform to worldly standards, and finds that¬†it’s not our beauty, but Christ’s, that¬†people should¬†see in us. Highly, highly recommended.

(Not the real cover, btw.)

(Not the real cover, btw.)

3. Fight to the Sea (my uncle)

This if the first draft of the first few chapters of an action-adventure-romance by my uncle. It’s funny, heartfelt, and gave¬†me wonderful insight into a Christian man’s soul. But sorry, *you* can’t read it because it hasn’t been published yet. *smiles sweetly*


4. The Life of Charlotte Bronte (Elizabeth Gaskell)

This is a biography of one of my favorite authors… by one of my favorite authors! ūüôā Even though I haven’t acutally read anything of E. Gaskell’s. I’ve been searching and searching for North and South or Wives and Daughters but no where can I find them. ANYWAY. This book is good – it quotes extensively from Charlotte’s letters and gives¬†a wonderful picture of the woman who created Jane Eyre. Superb.


 5. Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories (Agatha Christie) 

If you like a good murder mystery, Agatha Christie is one of the best you can pick. (Besides A. Conan Doyle, obviously.) I love the Miss Marple stories because Miss Marple is just a little old lady that everyone loves but thinks is not as sharp as she once was, and she keeps coming out with the correct answer to the mysteries.

And that’s it! ūüôā Have fun and keep warm, ya’ll!