Yes, I know, it’s sooo late. But I have finally got to the Ask Me Anything post I’ve promised for so long. All these lovely questions are from Naomi Bennet. Thanks so much, dear! 🙂


–How old are you?

I am not one-and-twenty. 🙂

I am fourteen years and ten months old. I have no idea if I’m impossible or not, but anyone who likes to can decide for me. Heehee.

–What are all your siblings’ names?

First, right below me, is Leah (13 years), then Matthew (11 years), then Abigail (9 years), then Mary Rose (7 years), then Ruth (5 years).

–What would you like to ‘do’ when you’re older?

Well, first and foremost and in the beginning and everything, I’d like to be a wife and mother, if that’s what the Lord wants for me. But aside from that, I’d really lovvvve to do theatre/acting and maybe musical theatre. Anything to do with movies has always interested me – so maybe filmmaking? Also maybe writing movie reviews for WORLD magazine would be neat.

-What’s the last song you listened to?

This song…


I’m listening to it as I blog. The music… the words… unbelievable. And beautiful.

–What’s the last movie you’ve watched?

I watched Prince of Egypt last night with my siblings (yes, all five of them). And it was awesome. A cartoon, yes, but awesome. And it tells the Exodus story pretty decently.

–What’s your best childhood memory?

Hmmm, good one! I don’t know. There was a time the whole family travelled to another state to visit my mom’s friend’s family. We stayed over at their house for a night (during which we roasted marshmallows and were taught how to speak with an English accent) and went to church with them and it was awesome. They have two boys both older than me, but we had a blast. That WAS random. 🙂

~Are you a night-owl or early-bird?

Both. 🙂 I really like staying up late, but I like getting up early as well. But I’d say night-owl. Because I love sleeping in. 🙂

~Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert (I’m ISFJ). I’m the one who wants to go for a long, long, long walk alone after a big party. Sooo…yeah.

~Do you share a room? With whom?

No, I don’t. I used to, actually, up to about seven years ago. I wish I did, but I do enjoy being alone if things get too noisy upstairs. 🙂

~Do you cry over books?

You know, I don’t usually. But recently (perhaps because I’m becoming a Sentimental Teenager {as I’ve said before})  I’ve started to get a little teary in different parts of different books. Not many. But some. In The Secret of the Lost Settlement, I cried when *SPOILER ALERT* Edmund died. *END SPOILER ALERT* Oh, and I got a bit weepy in War Horse when *SPOILER ALERT NUMBER TWO* Albert and the horse were reunited. *END SPOILER ALERT NUMBER TWO* As a general rule, though, I don’t cry over books.

~What hairstyle do you have right now?

I have my hair half-up with a braid, kinda like this:

…but not as low and swoopy as that, and of course not as thick or as dark. I LOVE Jessica’s hair.

~Are you a messy person or a neat person?

Ummmm… ask my family! 🙂 I think I’m a neat person – I like to have everything in its place – but that doesn’t prevent my room from getting quite messy sometimes. Heehee.

And that’s the end! 🙂 Thank you so much, Naomi!