(And my apologies;  that title has nothing to do with this post but we’ve been watching My Fair Lady and I think that’s the most quoted line around here. “And what *I* say is, them as pinched it DONE HER IN.” You have my permission to burrow beneath a pillow, as certain members of my family did while watching MFL last night. Or you can snigger. Or you can put your teacup on your head, but that could result in a Big Mess, so I wouldn’t. If you want a huge theraputic laugh related to MFL, go read this post of Miss Dashwood’s.)

ANYWAY. This is just a quick post to apologize for my absence around here of late. And to announce GREAT THINGS coming.


Okay, not THAT great. I’m doing a series of posts about my current dress-making endeavor.

{Yeah. In case you didn’t know, I do make clothes – mostly period drama clothes – but I’m not THAT good. (As in, I’ve made five Regency dresses and none of them fit the way I want them to.) }

Currently I’m working on a Romantic-style 1820’s dress with great big sleeves, a slim skirt, and a collar, from Sense & Sensibility Patterns. (By the way, S&S patterns deserves the biggest shout-out ever. If you’re a sew-er go check her out. Even if you’re not a sew-er go check her out – you can pressure your mom or sister to make a dress for you.)

The pattern was inspired by Molly’s dress from Wives and Daughters. I’ve had heaps of fun with it, and I decided to take pictures of the steps for me, you, and…whoever.

So. Hopefully that’ll be up within the next few months (guys, it’s the end of February. WUT.).

Go have a nice cuppa. (WHY do the Brits call it that?) And have fun. 🙂