Annnnnd we’re back with Day One of the Romantic Era dress pattern! This was a dress pattern I recieved for my birthday from my grandma, and she did the hard work of cutting the pattern and material, and she did the fitting toile, bodice, and bodice lining! Thanks so much, Grandma dear! 🙂

As I’ve said before, the pattern is from Sense and Sensibility Patterns, which is p’raps THE best period drama (and other!) pattern company I’ve EVER run into. In other words, I LOVE IT. 🙂

So, let’s get started!!

(And sorry about the quality of these pictures – they get grainy when I upload them to the blog. I’ve no idea why.)

I opted for a waistband and elbow sleeves…

winter2014-2015 513

Here’s the bodice with the waistband pinned.

winter2014-2015 514

And the back of the same.

winter2014-2015 515

Here’s the bodice with the waistband sewed on. (And don’t my purple scissors look nice with the fabric? :-))

winter2014-2015 516

And here’s my room while working! 🙂 Told ya my room gets messy. Especially with the special sewing table set up.

winter2014-2015 517

When I recieved the bodice, it already had the neckline nicely sewed together with the lining. I decided I wanted a collar. I couldn’t follow the pattern since the neckline was already sewed together, so I had to kind of make things up as I went along. First, I thought I could just follow the pattern and sew the two collar pieces together, but after I sewed them together, I realized… ripping time.

winter2014-2015 519

The two pieces. Then thinking it actually had to be together…

winter2014-2015 520

Whipstitching it together…

winter2014-2015 521

…the realizing, oh, it actually IS supposed to be apart. So it ended up NOT sewn together. I give you permission to shake your head at me.

winter2014-2015 522

I had to rip up the neckline seam and then insert the collar in between the bodice and the bodice lining.

winter2014-2015 523

Here’s the bodice with collar. It doesn’t meet in the back – I’m not sure if it does in the original pattern.

winter2014-2015 524

The sleeve piece…

winter2014-2015 525

..and gathering it along the top and bottom…

winter2014-2015 526

As it turns out, I’d forgotten to switch my sewing machine to basting stitch. Heh. Out comes the seam ripper….

winter2014-2015 527

The two gathered sleeve pieces…

winter2014-2015 528

…and my sewing table at the end of Day One.

Day Two coming soon!