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spring2015 1809

As you may have guessed, I am rather obsessed wildly obsessed with Jane Austen. Of course, you can’t have guessed that. 😉

My sister and I had the pleasure of attending our local Youth Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice – it was actually a birthday present from my parents. We took the camera, of course, and I thought I’d share some of the pictures with…you! 🙂

We had a riotously fun time, and we saw several people we did not expect to see – including the teacher of an online literature class that I took last summer, which was super amazing and wonderful to meet her Live and In Person, and we saw the director of the first and only play we’ve ever been in, who we haven’t seen in two years. She and Amanda Abbington are the two best actresses and most fun people I’ve ever heard of, but of course I haven’t met Amanda Abbington. 🙂 (And, of course, that doesn’t mean I endorse everything she’s been in/said/blah de blah. :-p)

Okay, getting off track here. The play was absolutely swellisimus and lovely, and the actors were not bad at all, which was a HUGE bonus. :-p

And the costumes were actually REGENCY!!! More Regency than the 2005 movie. 🙂

First things first. Jane Austen (yes, Virginia, they DID have a Jane Austen/narrator) was delightful.

Look at the PARASOL.

Look at the PARASOL.

Lizzy was soooo good. I’m not used to a blond, blue-eyed Lizzy, but this one made it totally work.

spring2015 1781

She was amazing, people.

(And I apologize for the quality of some of these – I think you can click to enlarge in better quality.)

Jane was … okay. With Youth Theatre I kinda feel bad criticizing but I’m going give in to my feelings and criticize away. “In vain have I struggled; it will not do. My feelings are not to be repressed…” 😉

spring2015 1785

Anyway, she was just a bit too stiff, and the British accent was too…American. But who’s complaining. She was sooo sweet and Jane-looking.

spring2015 1756

The Bennet family. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were delightful. Lydia looked about ten years old, though (she probably was, haha) and that was a bit strange. But everyone else was perfect.

And here… *drumroll*

spring2015 1764

Darcy (on the right) and Bingley (on the left). Good actors, they were. Not a bit awkward with the accents or anything.

spring2015 1789

Mr. Collins was SUPERB. He was so funny and the proposal was HILARRRIOUS. He kept on telling her, “But still…” It was brilliant. (Lizzy was sort of sitting on the side of the couch for this picture.)

This picture cracks me up, just saying.

This picture cracks me up, just saying.

Here’s Charlotte, impossibly engaged to Mr. Collins. 🙂

Ooh, and here’s the big baddie…

spring2015 1816

Mr. Wickham was good, but he DIDN’T have an English accent. It was kind of weird, hearing all the Wickham lines in a completely American accent. Ha. But I didn’t really miss Rupert Freind’s ponytail, heehee.

spring2015 1797

Lady Catherine de Bourgh (or Lady Catherine de StinkBug as she is sometimes nicknamed at our house…yeah, we get weird) was good too, perfect, really.

We didn’t get good pictures of the Bingley sisters, but they were p’raps the best. Perfectly snooty and very elegant. Not that those things always go together…

spring2015 1766


spring2015 1775

Lizzy at Netherfield.

spring2015 1780

Wickham sharing his Tale of Woe. :-p Sorry about the head in the way.

spring2015 1784

Ha, this was a funny bit. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins, the Epic Showdown. 😉 (And this cracks me up.:-))

spring2015 1811

Proposal fail! BEEP BEEP BEEP. Try again next time. Heehee. It was soo good. A lot of talent on display here.

spring2015 1812

The Letter.

spring2015 1817

Wickham and Georgiana, acting out the letter.

spring2015 1822

At Pemberley. The lady in the middle is Aunt Gardiner.

spring2015 1825

The letter about Lydia. This scene was wonderfully done.

spring2015 1834

Sorry, Wickham. Lizzy knows all. 🙂

spring2015 1844

Squeal!!! The Other Proposal!! It was so well-done. The two of them are so sweet together.

And that’s it! I’m sorry – this is a rather rambling and disconnectedly squealy post. But Pride and Prejudice, y’know. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

Heehee, it looks like they're in a musicalllll.... :-)

Heehee, it looks like they’re in a musicalllll…. 🙂