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First, I ought to say – social media. Not really my thing. (No, blogs are NOT social media. :-p)) Heh. Mostly because it can become veddy veddy self-centered, etc etc.



So follow me, if ya like, @PuritanObserver (which I may change to @MissElliot if the silly things will work. Ugh, technology. ;-)), and enjoy more random crazyness. It’ll mostly be C. S. Lewis quotes and verses, which will make things nicer than just me rambling. 🙂

Ummm… goodbye, m’dears.


Pride and Prejudice (The Play) at Oldham County Youth Theatre


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spring2015 1809

As you may have guessed, I am rather obsessed wildly obsessed with Jane Austen. Of course, you can’t have guessed that. 😉

My sister and I had the pleasure of attending our local Youth Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice – it was actually a birthday present from my parents. We took the camera, of course, and I thought I’d share some of the pictures with…you! 🙂

We had a riotously fun time, and we saw several people we did not expect to see – including the teacher of an online literature class that I took last summer, which was super amazing and wonderful to meet her Live and In Person, and we saw the director of the first and only play we’ve ever been in, who we haven’t seen in two years. She and Amanda Abbington are the two best actresses and most fun people I’ve ever heard of, but of course I haven’t met Amanda Abbington. 🙂 (And, of course, that doesn’t mean I endorse everything she’s been in/said/blah de blah. :-p)

Okay, getting off track here. The play was absolutely swellisimus and lovely, and the actors were not bad at all, which was a HUGE bonus. :-p

And the costumes were actually REGENCY!!! More Regency than the 2005 movie. 🙂

First things first. Jane Austen (yes, Virginia, they DID have a Jane Austen/narrator) was delightful.

Look at the PARASOL.

Look at the PARASOL.

Lizzy was soooo good. I’m not used to a blond, blue-eyed Lizzy, but this one made it totally work.

spring2015 1781

She was amazing, people.

(And I apologize for the quality of some of these – I think you can click to enlarge in better quality.)

Jane was … okay. With Youth Theatre I kinda feel bad criticizing but I’m going give in to my feelings and criticize away. “In vain have I struggled; it will not do. My feelings are not to be repressed…” 😉

spring2015 1785

Anyway, she was just a bit too stiff, and the British accent was too…American. But who’s complaining. She was sooo sweet and Jane-looking.

spring2015 1756

The Bennet family. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were delightful. Lydia looked about ten years old, though (she probably was, haha) and that was a bit strange. But everyone else was perfect.

And here… *drumroll*

spring2015 1764

Darcy (on the right) and Bingley (on the left). Good actors, they were. Not a bit awkward with the accents or anything.

spring2015 1789

Mr. Collins was SUPERB. He was so funny and the proposal was HILARRRIOUS. He kept on telling her, “But still…” It was brilliant. (Lizzy was sort of sitting on the side of the couch for this picture.)

This picture cracks me up, just saying.

This picture cracks me up, just saying.

Here’s Charlotte, impossibly engaged to Mr. Collins. 🙂

Ooh, and here’s the big baddie…

spring2015 1816

Mr. Wickham was good, but he DIDN’T have an English accent. It was kind of weird, hearing all the Wickham lines in a completely American accent. Ha. But I didn’t really miss Rupert Freind’s ponytail, heehee.

spring2015 1797

Lady Catherine de Bourgh (or Lady Catherine de StinkBug as she is sometimes nicknamed at our house…yeah, we get weird) was good too, perfect, really.

We didn’t get good pictures of the Bingley sisters, but they were p’raps the best. Perfectly snooty and very elegant. Not that those things always go together…

spring2015 1766


spring2015 1775

Lizzy at Netherfield.

spring2015 1780

Wickham sharing his Tale of Woe. :-p Sorry about the head in the way.

spring2015 1784

Ha, this was a funny bit. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins, the Epic Showdown. 😉 (And this cracks me up.:-))

spring2015 1811

Proposal fail! BEEP BEEP BEEP. Try again next time. Heehee. It was soo good. A lot of talent on display here.

spring2015 1812

The Letter.

spring2015 1817

Wickham and Georgiana, acting out the letter.

spring2015 1822

At Pemberley. The lady in the middle is Aunt Gardiner.

spring2015 1825

The letter about Lydia. This scene was wonderfully done.

spring2015 1834

Sorry, Wickham. Lizzy knows all. 🙂

spring2015 1844

Squeal!!! The Other Proposal!! It was so well-done. The two of them are so sweet together.

And that’s it! I’m sorry – this is a rather rambling and disconnectedly squealy post. But Pride and Prejudice, y’know. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

Heehee, it looks like they're in a musicalllll.... :-)

Heehee, it looks like they’re in a musicalllll…. 🙂

The Dress Finale and a Button


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I am SUCH a bad blogger. Sorry everyone. I WILL do better over the summer, etc. etc. and so forth.

Speaking of the summer, remember the 30-Day Song Challenge I promised to do?

Here’s my button for it! I’d love it if you passed it around – but of course you don’t have to. (ImeanyesyoudobecauseSierraBorgessandmusiciswonderfulandall.)

My sister and I went to see the play version of Pride and Prejudice at our local Youth Theatre and it was quite adequate..oh wait.


And the royal baby is born!!! I’m sorry to any snarky Britishers but to an American girl who’s rather obsessed with Britain (because JANE AUSTEN AND SHERLOCK HOLMES AND BOOKS AND TEA AND PERIOD DRAMAS GALORE), little Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is top on *my* celebrity list. Right, wayyyy too many caps. 🙂

And yay!!! The dress is finished and has been for a month but I’m a lazy bum! And my mommy kindly took pictures for me and so voila. And sorry, you cannot see my face. Because, y’know, internet privacy and all. 🙂

Anyone want to get started?

spring2015 1904

Sorry about the bad quality – my mom’s camera is a good one but something happens when I upload the pictures.

spring2015 1907

I had my hair fixed a la Cynthia what’s her name (in Wives and Daughters) but you can’t see it. Sigh.

spring2015 1906

Pocketses!! 🙂

So yay! What do you think? Next I’m going to do a 1950’s style dress that I already have one of (is that grammatical??), but I’m going to make a copy in light sandy brown.

Have a lovely day!



Just a List of Random Questions Tag – Or, I’ve Been Tagged

Hellooo everyone! I have been jointly tagged by Evie and Naomi with the Just-a-List-of-Random-Questions Tag. Thank you both so much!!

{And yes, I know I’ve been scarce. I have been soooo busy (my goodness, ordering servants around DOES take up so much of one’s time. They never know what to do. Kidding…) and I’m sorry.}

SO. The tag rules:

~Paste the button onto your blog post.
~ Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your question-creativity – make the blogging world a cheerful place 🙂 And be disastrously random.)

Now for the fun…

~Write down three facts about you – one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)
~Answer the questions of the person who tagged you – make it all super random and interesting 😀

The rules were written by Naomi, so I can’t take credit for the funny bits. 🙂

My three facts:

1) I hate pasta.

2) I have not seen Les Miserables.

3) I love thin crust pizza.


My answers to the questions:

Are there flowers in your bedroom?

Yes, indeed! I have a (pretend) big pink rose in a vase on my bureau, and some of my little knick-knacks have flowers on them, but that’s it. I wish I had more flowers in my room.
Who was your first – really first – (fictional) crush?

Ummmm. Good question! It’s taking me a while to remember… but I’d have to say Laurie Laurence from Little Women. No, NOT the sacrilegious 1994 movie. The BOOK version, people. Oh, and John Brooke, of course.

Oh no, wait…

IT WAS GILBERT. GILBERT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. OF COURSE. (And rest in peace, Jonathan Crombie. I really hope you had the eternal in mind before you died – and more specifically, the eternal hope of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.)

What is, in your opinion, the prettiest Little House Book cover?

I’m stealing Naomi’s answer here, but I AGREE. I just read this book last week. All in one day. I LOVE IT. 🙂

On pictures, do you smile with your teeth or without?

With. I have braces, and it’s quite hard to smile with your mouth closed if you have braces. IT’S PAINFUL, people.

In ‘Return to Cranford’ Miss Matty gets a turban. What do you think of her in a turban?

Not having seen ‘Return to Cranford’, I must look this up!

Hmmm. Nice. Yes, I like it, I like it. One of my favorite quotes about turbans is in Jane Eyre. Blanche Ingram’s mother is said to be “wagging her turban portentously” at Mr. Rochester when asked about the faults of governesses. Does Miss Matty wag her turban portentously? 🙂
Did you get fooled this year on April the 1st?

Nope! 🙂
Do you think it’s rude when girls re-do their whole hairstyle in public?

Ooh, good question! Well, I don’t like it all that much. Redoing a ponytail, maybe. But anything else, I think is a bit rude. That’s just me, though!

What’s your least favourite song in ‘The Sound of Music?’

‘Something Good’ has always annoyed me. But it wasn’t as annoying the last time I watched it, for some reason. Yes, I am definitely becoming a Sentimental Teenager. 🙂
Do you chew your inside cheeks when you’re thinking?

No. Back to the braces thing – it really hurts the poor inside of my mouth. All those wires and sharp things.
 Your how-many-ienth post is this?

My one hundred and twelfth. 112. Sink meh.
What’s your favourite Dickens movie?

What should you be doing right now?

Eating my lunch. Ha! And getting ready for church and practising the piano.

Do it. 🙂

Very well. If you INSIST. 🙂

This was a-bushel-and-a-peck-and-a-hug-around-the-neck fun. Thank you so much, both of you.

And I tag: Sadie (because I love her new blog. She’s already done this tag.)

Jane Bennet (because I’m so excited she’s BACK!!! :-))

Cheerio, then! See you soon, hopefully! 😉

Today I am Fifteen…

 Hello all and sundry! Today is my fifteenth birthday (WHAT EVEN.) and it’s been a lovely day, in spite of the fact that we are sick AGAIN. (WHY ARE WE SICK ON MY BIRTHDAY. WHY. AND NO I’M NOT COMPLAINING I’M NOT I’M NOT.


(All these lovely pictures courtesy of Cap-that.com.)

For my birthday movie, I picked Sense and Sensibility 1995. Because lovely stuff, y’know. 🙂

I cannot believe that this past year has gone by so fast – it’s scary!! So is the fact that fifteen is just FIVE years away from TWENTY. I’m dashed.

It’s been amazing, the things God has shown me this year. And so much has happened!

(And the first thing I said to myself this morning was: “Squeeep! I’m Lydia’s age!”


The lack of fifteen-year-olds in period dramas is rather surprising. I’ve hunted up a few, just for fun. Do comment and tell me any others you think of!

Of course, Lydia Bennet comes to mind first.

I do NOT intend to follow her example next year. I may learn to drive but I will not drive off to Gretna Green, London, or anywhere in that category. Nope, not even with Mr. Darcy. (What would Lady Catharine say??) Ahem.

Georgiana Darcy. She is, by the way, one of my favorite side characters in the Austen Canon. She’s so sweet and shy and a regular darling.

And I cannot think of a single other character! I hope you all have a lovely day!

Day Four (Romantic Era Dress Pattern) – February 1, 2015



Helloooo everyone. And yes, I know I haven’t blogged in ages. All I can say is, I’m sorry. I was busy – truly I was. We were sick twice in one month and the little time I DID spend on the computer was used reading people’s blogs and writing one of those composer biographies for PrivateLessonMatters. And I discovered this lovely blog – I can’t wait to see more posts!

Anyways, let’s jump right into Day Four! We’re coming down to the end here. (WHAT. Did I just hear a sigh of relief?? HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL??


winter2014-2015 561

These are the pocket peices. I opted for pockets, which aren’t actually in the pattern. I just used the pattern peices from a different dress.

winter2014-2015 562

I had already sewn the skirt seams, so I ripped out about nine inches.

winter2014-2015 563

Here are the pockets pinned to the skirt pieces. Pockets are confusing, believe me. But worth it. 🙂

winter2014-2015 564

Sewing the pockets into the skirt…

winter2014-2015 566

…and yay, it’s sewed in!

winter2014-2015 567

Pinning the skirt to the bodice.

winter2014-2015 569

Pinning in the pleats. This is hard, but I think gathers are actually harder.

winter2014-2015 571

The skirt fully pinned to the bodice!

winter2014-2015 573

Sewing the bodice to the skirt! Big step!

winter2014-2015 574

The dress on the mannequin!!! Yay!! It’s coming together!

winter2014-2015 575

Here’s the back…

winter2014-2015 577

The front of the bodice…

winter2014-2015 579

Whipstitching the waistband lining. This takes patience, people.

winter2014-2015 580

See, nice and neatly whipstitched. 🙂

winter2014-2015 581

Sewing on the waistband bar for the hook and bar closure.

And that’s all for now! We’ll be back with more!

(And can anyone explain why Sierra Borgess says ‘silent anda resigned’? Most other people say, ‘silent AND resigned’. ;-))






Romantic Era Dress Pattern – Days 2 & 3



Annnnnd we’re back! (I think I use that wayyy too much at the beginning of posts….) Days 2 and 3 are shorter than Day 1, so I’m sticking them together.

Day 2: Monday, January 26, 2015

winter2014-2015 529

Here’s the sleeve with the sleeveband. It’s actually way bigger than it looks.

winter2014-2015 530

Sewing the sleeves to the bodice (with the lining pushed back)…

winter2014-2015 531

Whipstitching the sleeveband (by hand, of course)…

winter2014-2015 533

…and here’s the bodice with sleeves! I was very excited at this point. It was a school day, so I didn’t get anything else done.

Day 3: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

winter2014-2015 542

Sewing the side seams of the skirt pieces…

winter2014-2015 543

…ironing the sewed seams open…

winter2014-2015 545

Pinning the placket to the back opening. It’s hard because the opening is V-shaped and the placket is straight.

winter2014-2015 546

Sewing the placket. Seam allowance goes from 3’8 of an inch at the top sections of the V to the edge of the fabric. It’s very difficult and mine isn’t perfect!

winter2014-2015 547

The placket sewed to the skirt! *sigh of relief*

winter2014-2015 548

…and the other side of the placket.

winter2014-2015 552

The placket ironed as it should be. Prim and proper. 🙂

winter2014-2015 551

Miss Elliot trying to be all professional photographer. 🙂

Right then. Be back for the next installments!!


Day One (Romantic Era Dress) – Sunday, January 25, 2015



Annnnnd we’re back with Day One of the Romantic Era dress pattern! This was a dress pattern I recieved for my birthday from my grandma, and she did the hard work of cutting the pattern and material, and she did the fitting toile, bodice, and bodice lining! Thanks so much, Grandma dear! 🙂

As I’ve said before, the pattern is from Sense and Sensibility Patterns, which is p’raps THE best period drama (and other!) pattern company I’ve EVER run into. In other words, I LOVE IT. 🙂

So, let’s get started!!

(And sorry about the quality of these pictures – they get grainy when I upload them to the blog. I’ve no idea why.)

I opted for a waistband and elbow sleeves…

winter2014-2015 513

Here’s the bodice with the waistband pinned.

winter2014-2015 514

And the back of the same.

winter2014-2015 515

Here’s the bodice with the waistband sewed on. (And don’t my purple scissors look nice with the fabric? :-))

winter2014-2015 516

And here’s my room while working! 🙂 Told ya my room gets messy. Especially with the special sewing table set up.

winter2014-2015 517

When I recieved the bodice, it already had the neckline nicely sewed together with the lining. I decided I wanted a collar. I couldn’t follow the pattern since the neckline was already sewed together, so I had to kind of make things up as I went along. First, I thought I could just follow the pattern and sew the two collar pieces together, but after I sewed them together, I realized… ripping time.

winter2014-2015 519

The two pieces. Then thinking it actually had to be together…

winter2014-2015 520

Whipstitching it together…

winter2014-2015 521

…the realizing, oh, it actually IS supposed to be apart. So it ended up NOT sewn together. I give you permission to shake your head at me.

winter2014-2015 522

I had to rip up the neckline seam and then insert the collar in between the bodice and the bodice lining.

winter2014-2015 523

Here’s the bodice with collar. It doesn’t meet in the back – I’m not sure if it does in the original pattern.

winter2014-2015 524

The sleeve piece…

winter2014-2015 525

..and gathering it along the top and bottom…

winter2014-2015 526

As it turns out, I’d forgotten to switch my sewing machine to basting stitch. Heh. Out comes the seam ripper….

winter2014-2015 527

The two gathered sleeve pieces…

winter2014-2015 528

…and my sewing table at the end of Day One.

Day Two coming soon!


“SOMEBODY pinched it.”

(And my apologies;  that title has nothing to do with this post but we’ve been watching My Fair Lady and I think that’s the most quoted line around here. “And what *I* say is, them as pinched it DONE HER IN.” You have my permission to burrow beneath a pillow, as certain members of my family did while watching MFL last night. Or you can snigger. Or you can put your teacup on your head, but that could result in a Big Mess, so I wouldn’t. If you want a huge theraputic laugh related to MFL, go read this post of Miss Dashwood’s.)

ANYWAY. This is just a quick post to apologize for my absence around here of late. And to announce GREAT THINGS coming.


Okay, not THAT great. I’m doing a series of posts about my current dress-making endeavor.

{Yeah. In case you didn’t know, I do make clothes – mostly period drama clothes – but I’m not THAT good. (As in, I’ve made five Regency dresses and none of them fit the way I want them to.) }

Currently I’m working on a Romantic-style 1820’s dress with great big sleeves, a slim skirt, and a collar, from Sense & Sensibility Patterns. (By the way, S&S patterns deserves the biggest shout-out ever. If you’re a sew-er go check her out. Even if you’re not a sew-er go check her out – you can pressure your mom or sister to make a dress for you.)

The pattern was inspired by Molly’s dress from Wives and Daughters. I’ve had heaps of fun with it, and I decided to take pictures of the steps for me, you, and…whoever.

So. Hopefully that’ll be up within the next few months (guys, it’s the end of February. WUT.).

Go have a nice cuppa. (WHY do the Brits call it that?) And have fun. 🙂